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April 12, 2011


Stan Buck

I remember being 46 - I think! It was several years ago!!

Great post Sheri!


:) I think you are beautiful! I love you.

Joan Null

Sheri - ever since I've known you, I've thought you're beautiful - and I honestly can't remember what 'size' you used to be. It's the radiance on the inside that makes others not even notice the lines and bumps and bulges on the outside of any of us. "Arise and shine, for the glory of the Lord has risen upon you"


You are by far the most attractive woman I know! ;>)

Linda Barnes

You are beautiful, and I LOVE everything about you! God did an aweosome job when he made you!!!


Thank you everyone for your very nice words and compliments....the fact that no one mentioned that my mind is fine has me concerned though. :D

I remember turning 30 and 40 and remember thinking that there wasnt much more I could have wanted at those points in my life...Kevin had a good job, our kids were healthy, we had a home, reliable vehicles, insurance and so much more. I believe I am on that track for my 50th...in 4 years.

These lines, eye problems, and memory issues are superficial in the big scheme of this life...I knew it when I wrote it...superficial. Still...


You can thank me for being the person that has a hard time sometimes remembering names, dates, etc!!!!!! I remember VERY CLEARLY when we talked that morning about it because it was a very short chat before I had to go to work but when you brought it up, it IMMEDIATELY made me feel better knowing that I was not alone in my forgetfullness!!! I think we actually laughed about it because we knew we were in it together!!

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