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March 22, 2011



thanks for sharing.

Jamie Haenggi

I too feel the dedication that my 20+ pounds have given me. I recently started the PX90 ab work out in my hotel rooms when I am on the road (I travel a lot!)- and I have now declared a "Search & Rescue Mission" for my abs. I can barely hear them crying out, but when I listen, I hear them say... "we are in here, help get us out!"

Those soft, warm 20+ lbs have fooled me for the last time - they have kidnapped my abs and are holding them hostage!

Someone call in the Negotiator - quick, this is hostage situation!

(Bullhorn in background) "Lady, step a way from the ice cream - we have your work out music ready and we're not afraid to crank it up".

Good luck to all of us who spend way too much time thinking about this.

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