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December 07, 2010


Stan Buck

The whole thing is heart-breaking! People "give up" too easily - and then feel like they have to act like the brokenness doesn't impact them or their kids. My heart grieves with you on this Sheri - and for these families.

My prayer is that married couples would be willing to put more effort into fighting FOR their families! Marriage is hard work - but worth the effort!

Liza Tucker

This post made me cry. My best friend is in the middle of a divorce and I am friends with both. His heartache, her hardened heart...I try not to be sucked in to "their" story, but my heart aches for their marriage.


I'm sorry to hear of your friend's divorce. The ripple effects are far-reaching. Walking in friendship in difficult situations is many times unchartered territory for us; I dont always know how to digest and process my own thoughts and grief, let alone theirs ~ which is why I am glad we have a God who can. Thanks for reading this blog and taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.

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