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August 08, 2010



LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog.....so simple and short but ohhhh so powerful!


Thanks Barb. You've blazed the trail on this one. You came through it so I know I will too. I'm not the first mom to feel the rush of many conflicting emotions as her oldest leaves the nest. She will be back...with even stronger wings.

Tracey Kessler

So hard to think of Courtney heading off to college! It will feel so strange around the house, but the great thing is she will be back! Summers will bring on a whole new meaning :-) Can hardly believe that we will be moving Emily back to school for her second year in just a few weeks - where does the time go? Remember when Courtney and Emily were little and you were here at my house and Emily took Courtney's nuk and put it in her mouth. I love the relationship those two have to this day!!


This is such a sweet entry. I'm sure your daughter senses what you're feeling. Like any loving mother, witnessing how fast their children grow brings a tear to the eye. The cycle goes on and she'll always have you at heart. ;) Courtney will surely keep in touch with her mama! :)


Thanks for your comment, it too was very sweet. I checked out your blog, I like it! How did you ever find mine?

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